20 Ideas for Restaurant Marketing

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Any marketer can tell you that you not only need to find new customers, but you need to increase sales to your current customers … you need them to come back regularly, to bring their loved ones to eat too, to recommend you to their friends, and to spread the word that you serve the Best _______ in Town!

Here are 20 Ideas for Restaurant Marketing that will deepen your relationship with your current customers and help you entice the new ones to keep coming back for more.

Utilize the power, reach and low cost of social media … especially Facebook & Twitter.

1. Today’s Specials: Let your customers know that they can easily find out the daily specials on your facebook page or via twitter … no need to call you and ask. If you have a live facebook and/or twitter stream on your website, then the special will automatically show up there too.

2. Menu Changes: An easy way to let your customers know that you’ve changed things up and keep them in the loop.

3. Chef’s Tips: Become a resource for your customers and help them out in their own kitchen with tips on time-saving, food freshness, food prep, complimentary food combos … whatever your chef can dream up that might be useful information. Have a Weekly Recipe for home cooked meals that you promote via your blog and social media.

4. Social Only Discounts: Reward your customers for interacting with you via social media and offer them exclusive discounts with the proper code that was posted/tweeted. Make sure you put something like: Today Only, This Week, 48 Hours, etc.

5. Online to Offline Social Gatherings: Invite groups from Facebook and Twitter to have real world socials at your restaurant … be sure to get all their facebook names and twitter handles so you can thank them for hanging out at your place afterwards. Be sure you give them one of your social-only discounts too.

Make sure you’re using email marketing to it’s full advantage. The number 1 focus of your email needs to be the subject line and it should be short, to the point and enticing.

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Proudly Annoucing CoffeeMarketingPro.com

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coffee black logo c steam 300x300 Proudly Annoucing CoffeeMarketingPro.comWhile slinging coffee and moving up within the coffee industry, Chase Mann of MyCoffeePro.com and Jennifer Vaaler of dailydemitasse.com helped their bosses with marketing strategies and put their backgrounds of design and writing to use increasing sales. After a year of networking and outsourcing each others specialized services, they decided to start Coffee Marketing Pro to offer a marketing powerhouse for specialty coffee companies like high quality cafes, roasters and suppliers.

Visit CoffeeMarketingPro.com, fan them on Facebook and follow them on Twitter @CoffeeMrktngPro

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MyCoffeePro gets a design refresh for 2011

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my coffee pro logo bk final thumb MyCoffeePro gets a design refresh for 2011Happy New Year everyone!

For those of you not “in the know”, I have another passion and blog called “MyCoffeePro”.

For a while now, I’ve wanted to update the look of my logo and website over at MyCoffeePro, but I decided to wait for the new year to come along to get the renovations started. I also have to be careful of the underlying website structure because I definitely don’t want to lose my #1 position in Google for “coffee pro” … that would not be cool.

I wanted to keep my branding, but simplify it just a bit and make it easier on the eyes. I hope I’ve accomplished that by making the logo less rectangular, re-coloring the logo to make the words pop better, and separating out the words to each rest on their own baselines for easier legibility. I got rid of the wisp of steam above the cup, but made the C in “Coffee” into a handle and I also enhanced the bottom of the cup to look even more like a smile, because that’s what coffee does to me wlEmoticon openmouthedsmile MyCoffeePro gets a design refresh for 2011

I’m going into the new year with a slew of new client projects, which is a complete blessing in these tough times, so I’m not sure how long the renovations over at MyCoffeePro will take so please bare with me as we take this little re-design journey together.

Best wishes to you and your loved ones for 2011 and may we all have a prosperous new year.

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Evernote adds Sub-notebooks!

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evernote love Evernote adds Sub notebooks!

I want to give a special shout-out to Blogger Bobby Travis for his excellent article: Getting Things Done in Evernote with Only One Notebook = Brilliant!

Santa has really come through this year with the announcement of sub-notebooks for Evernote.

I’ve used Evernote since it’s birth (or shortly thereafter) and you just don’t know how big of a deal this is.

The user community has pleaded with Evernote for years to add sub-notebooks, but I don’t think they could because of an issue they were having trouble with Windows proprietary code and what they could do with it. Now though, they’ve switched Evernote over to C++ code and SNAP! Sub-notebooks finally get delivered.

Thanks Evernote! I love you … I mean it, I really, genuinely love Evernote!

Early Merry Christmas & Cheers,


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I finally get it - Evernote & GTD

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Evernote Inbox1 I finally get it   Evernote & GTDI’ll definitely need to write up a series on how I used a great set of articles to get my GTD and Evernote setup and functional into a workflow that makes sense to me.

I want to give a special shout-out to Blogger Bobby Travis for his excellent article: Getting Things Done in Evernote with Only One Notebook = Brilliant!

In the meantime, I’d like to share my public notebook with the Evernote articles in it:

***UPDATE*** Evernote adds sub-notebooks!

Cheers until I have more time icon wink I finally get it   Evernote & GTD

pixel I finally get it   Evernote & GTD
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