Color Scheme: Neon Nemo

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Color Inspiration: Scene from Finding Nemo <– Rate My Schemes!
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NeonNemo Color Scheme: Neon Nemo
Colors selected:
FBF959 F3DE4F FD651A E34506 AEFEFF 66A4FF 0A25FA 7F85D3

The bright, vibrant colors used in this animated feature are very "kid-friendly" and captivate the eye. Blue and Yellow are always a great color combination and the contrast of Black, Orange and White make Marlin pop out from the aqua water. The colors of this scheme are all complimentary (opposite) on the color wheel.


Use these color combinations when you need to create a sense of Fun, Energy and Excitement. This scheme would work well for any kid-oriented designs, marketing or products. This color scheme would also tend to work well in online advertising (email ads) since the combination of all the colors is not often seen online (since it can be "too busy" if over-used).

pixel Color Scheme: Neon Nemo
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