Smart Appliances and Gadgets that You Need in Your Kitchen

You need all the help you can get in the kitchen no matter if you fancy yourself to be a professional cook or a beginner. For the time that you spend in the kitchen to be pleasurable, and for you to improve your cooking skills, there are certain items that you must have and use. Therefore, read the following lines if you want to find out which are the smart appliances and gadgets that you need in your modern kitchen.

Samsung MW5100H microwave

For $270, you can use the Samsung MW5100H smart microwave in your kitchen. Besides bringing a great look into your kitchen due to its elegant design, this microwave is extremely easy to use due to its ice blue display that illuminates the clock and settings. The innovative Smart Moisture Sensor of the oven allows you to cook various foods with ease, at the simple push of a button being able to determine the interior air humidity to ensure texture and flavor are retained. The 15 pre-programmed recipes that the unit comes with guarantee convenience in use, enabling you to perfectly cook various foods. Another great feature that makes this microwave a mandatory addition to your kitchen is the Fermentation Function that it comes with. It allows you to enjoy fresh dough or healthy yogurt using advanced fermentation technology. In addition to all the smart features that it comes with, the Samsung MW5100H smart microwave offers you the option to disable the turntable. Therefore, it allows you to use the entire interior space to accommodate large, square-shaped dishes.

Mr. Coffee BVMC-PSTX91WE coffee maker

The Mr. Coffee BVMC-PSTX91WE smart coffee maker can be yours for the reasonable price of $150. What makes this coffee maker truly worthy of being called a smart kitchen appliance is the fact that it uses the Optimal Brew technology. This technology is built with expert design and functionality to brew with precision, and it ensures ultimate coffee taste, all due to the fact that it infuses artisan-style coffee brewing with the convenience of an automatic coffee maker. Another smart and innovative feature of the BVMC-PSTX91WE coffee maker is that it allows you to brew your coffee no matter where you are if you use the WeMo app on your smartphone or tablet. This feature enables you to adjust brew times and set up reminders as well. What gives the coffee brewed with this smart coffee maker the optimal flavor that it has is the unique process that saturates the coffee grounds. Also, it offers rich-tasting coffee due to the fact that it heats up to 205 degrees.

Chef’s Choice 1520 Angle Select electric knife sharpener

After reading several knife sharpener system reviews and learning more about what makes these items truly efficient, we came to the conclusion that this model is at the forefront of its field due to the many advantages it offers. For the price of $260, you can say goodbye once and for all to dull kitchen knives with the help of the Chef’s Choice 1520 Angle Select electric knife sharpener. The versatile knife sharpener will set a razor-sharp edge on any type of knife that you have. The durable brushed stainless steel exterior makes this model a long-term investment. The two separate diamond abrasive slots sharpen and hone the knives at a 20-degree or a 15-degree angle, depending on the type of knife that you are sharpening. The third slot holds a polishing disk that sharpens and smooths the edge.

Drop Kitchen Connected Scale

Last on our list of smart appliances and gadgets that you need in your kitchen comes the Drop Kitchen Connected Scale. You can have it for the reasonable price of $100. The smart kitchen scale is compatible with a variety of Apple devices. If you install the Drop Recipes app on your smartphone or tablet, you will be able to enjoy interactive recipes, and you will effortlessly adjust your recipe to what’s needed. Also, the app will suggest simple substitutions in case you are missing certain ingredients. The best part is that you don’t have to tap on your smart device with your dirty fingers while you cook because the smart scale features a touch button on the front that allows you to interact with the app remotely. In addition, the battery will last you about one year of normal use.