Smart Gadgets that Can Monitor Your Health

Technology has evolved so much that it would be a shame not to use it in order to improve our living standards and to take care of the most important aspect, our health. Nowadays, we can keep tabs on our heart health, sleep cycles, fitness performance, or the weight we lose with the help of some smart gadgets designed to improve our overall health condition. Discover below some of the gadgets that can monitor your health.

Body fat analyzer

Weighing your body is no longer a matter of using a scale to see how many pounds you have lost but it is now a more complex method that measures your body fat, visceral fat, muscle mass, body water, and bone mass. This helps you determine exactly how much weight you have lost and how much muscle you have gained so you will have a bigger picture of your weight loss progress. As a recommendation, you could peruse the products presented at and discover what makes a good body scale. The EatSmart body fat analyzer is one useful tool that has successfully passed all theĀ tests in terms of monitoring a wide range of body parameters that can help you see exactly how our diet is going. This device offers quick readings of your body fat percentage, body water levels, bone mass, and muscle mass and can store measurements for up to 8 users after the first analysis.

Fitness tracker

Fitness enthusiasts know the importance of monitoring their health while they work out in order to prevent any health issues. Therefore, they use a fitness tracker to monitor their heart rate so they will know how hard they can stain their body during an exercise. The fitness tracker also monitors their workout speed, time, and calories intake and can work as a sleep tracker that keeps tabs on their sleeping cycles. If you are planning to use a fitness tracker yourself, try the Jawbone Up3, a state-of-the-art gadget that comes with everything you would want to find in a fitness tracker.

Air quality monitor

The quality of the air you breathe is essential when it comes to preserving your health because nothing can get you sick like an air filled with toxins and bacteria. An air quality monitor can come in handy in detecting the air particles that threaten your health and the Foobot device can become your biggest help in monitoring the air quality. This gadget measures temperature and humidity and detects the alarming carbon monoxide and volatile organic compounds levels, so you will breathe a cleaner and safer air at home. Foobot features an orange light that lets you know when the air is very dirty so you will know it’s time to use an air purifier.