Tech Innovations that Make Fitness Fun

No matter if you’re into fitness because you want to lose weight or maintain a good health, you have to admit that working out can become very boring. Thankfully, there are tech innovations that can make your fitness routine more fun. In case you buy and use fitness equipment that uses them, you won’t even notice how the time flies by when you workout. If you want to find out what tech innovations we are talking about, read the following lines.

Cybex FIT

Cybex FIT is an innovative iPad app that interacts directly with your equipment. It allows you to access your workouts and information wherever you are. This innovative program will transform your treadmill console into an advanced touchscreen workout display. Cybex FIT boasts digital features and controls that allow you to personalize your workout experience as you like to make it fun. Therefore, running for an hour on the treadmill won’t seem like an endless experience anymore if you use this program precisely due to the fact that it allows you to make all the choices.


Another treadmill compatible program that will make your workout experience a lot more fun is the iFit program. It will provide you with a new and exciting workout experience every day, depending on what settings you choose. If you access workouts powered by Google Maps and iFit, you can make it feel like you’re running on the track that you have chosen. It simulates the outdoor terrain perfectly due to the fact that it automatically adjusts the incline and decline of the treadmill to feel like you’re running on the track that you chose. Also, to make it seem even more real, it will display Google Street View images at the same time. When you’re logged in, iFit will track your every move, manage your workout stats, your fitness levels, and more, while keeping your diet and nutrition needs on track. It boasts hundreds of workout programs that are designed to ensure daily progress. In addition, it allows you to personalize your workout if you want to as well.

Google Earth compatibility

One of the best tech innovations that will make boring fitness workouts like using the rowing machine truly fun is the Google Earth compatibility. If you workout using a rowing machine that is compatible with Google Earth, you can simulate the experience of rowing on your favorite river. Therefore, you won’t even feel how the time passes due to the fact that you will be rowing the Grand Canyon, the Pacific Ocean, or any other river or ocean that you want. If you want to have a realistic workout with the rowing machine, buy one that uses a Concept II PM3 performance monitor because it’s compatible with Google Earth, enabling you to have the desired workout.